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Weddings at The White Horse

You’ve been planning for months (maybe years!) and the big day is finally just around the corner. You’ve booked all of your vendors, your dress has been perfectly fitted and you’ve received all your RSVPs now all you need to do is turn up right? Well…maybe not. The week before your wedding is likely to be a bit hectic with last minute tasks to tick off your list. But don’t worry, after years of holding managing weddings, we’ve come up with a tip top list to ensure nothing gets forgotten in the lead up to your big day!

Firstly, before we get into the list, don’t let yourself become overwhelmed! Bring in help from your ever faithful entourage of people who will only be too happy to help! And don’t forget, the hard part is almost over!

Try out your full look 

You’ll pick your wedding dress up in the week before your wedding, but don’t stop in just picking it up. Try on the full outfit, including shoes and jewllery, and practice your walk down the aisle, making sure everything looks good and feels comfortable. Seems silly we know, but it’s always useful to try going to the bathroom in your dress!

Meet your planner or wedding co-ordinator 

If you have a wedding planner or day-of coordinator, have a final meeting with him or her to go over any last-minute details

Chase those missing RSVPs 

Annoying as it is, chase those final people who haven’t let you know if they’re coming or not. You don’t want people turning up with no where to sit!

Finalise the seating plan 

Based on your RSVPs, finalise the seating plan with your spouse-to-be and send a final copy to those who may need it like your wedding planner or photographer

Answer last minute emails 

Set some time aside to run through your inbox answering last minutes questions from guests and vendors before the wedding!

Confirm honeymoon logistics

Run through flight times, checking in and hotel bookings to ensure it is all ready for after your wedding. The last thing you want is to finish your wedding and have another thing to organise!

Confirm vendors

Send all your vendors an email or give them a quick call confirming arrival times and locations, just to be sure

Figure out your transport for after the wedding

Whether you’re heading back to the hotel or to an after party, plan your transportation for the end of the night to avoid trying to catch a cab in your wedding dress!

Drop off items to the venue

If your venue is okay with it, drop off boxes of decorations or wedding items ahead of the big day, this way you don’t need to drag mounds of boxes with you on the big day

Pack an ‘Emergency Kit’ 

You can buy one specifically for the occasion or go the DIY route. You’ll want to include things like band aids, nail file, hair spray, pain killers, tampons, a small sewing kit, and extra makeup.

So there you have it, 10 top tips for helping you get through the final week before your wedding!

If you’re on the lookout for a great venue, why not head down to The White Horse and take a look around? We have a number of wedding packages depending on your needs!

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