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Picnic Benches

At The White Horse, we always strive to come up with new and exciting ways to make and enjoy food. Back in October 2017 we started our Picnic Bench venture with the very first ‘Great British Pub Picnic’. The response from everyone was overwhelming, and encouraged us all here to think of ever more creative menu options to please your tastebuds!

After the success of our first picnic bench, and with Christmas just around the corner it seemed only logical to do a Christmas themed picnic bench! The bench was full of festive treats to really get you in the Christmas spirit! Something about sharing food brings everyone together and makes the experience so much more fun, especially during the holidays!

After Christmas we devised the Picnic Bench at the Movies which proved to be the most popular bench by far, and due to ridiculously high demand…we extended the bench to run right through until the end of February almost consuming Haagen Daaz’s entire supply of ice cream!

The bench included everything you love about going to the cinema, from hot dogs and popcorn, to pic ‘n’ mix and milkshakes, all of the favourites were featured and the feedback was incredible.

After running some questions by our loyal customers online, the consensus was that a Cupids bench in celebration of Valentines Day is what was needed so that’s exactly what we made! What’s better than sharing food you love with the person you love? Nothing!

Our Cupids Bench is running from the 9th to the 11th February all day and the 14th February for lunchtime only…we can’t wait to share the photos with you!

Half term is also just round the corner, and we’re all going to need something to keep the children occupied! We’ve worked hard to create a bench just for the little ones, aimed to give them a little bit of all the naughty things they’d love, with a good mix of the ‘good for you’ bits parents love!

Don’t forget to book up for these upcoming events, you don’t want to miss out!

Upcoming bench dates!


9-11 February – All Day
14 February – Lunchtime only

Half Term 

12-17 February – 12 – 5pm


  • 2 months ago
    Emma Dellow

    Just wondering what other ‘Picnic bench’ events you have coming up and dates please.

    Many thanks

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